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Default Dealer NOT in southern california

Oddly some one Private messaged me regarding a dealer in newport as soon as I stated that I had a problem with my dealer. I have NO experience with any dealer except for mine, but I am beginning to wonder if this is a common problem. I have heard really good things about the dealer in vegas (finishline??). Oddly, when I talked to Shelby about my dealer they said that they had not heard any complaints and that they are the biggest csx4000 dealer that they have. I am wondering if it is that no one is talking to Shelby or that the yare not hearing what is being said.
With regards to your other comment, it is one of the reasons I was so upset. I orderd my car for a top loader and 427 fe (basic - rock solid - I think they have done this before - absolutely NOTHING exotic) and it was still wrong. I had MANY conversations with Shelby about my problems and the attitude was we are trying to help you (but we really think you just don't know what you are doing - fair enough since they don't know me and most people know their wallet better than they know what end of the wrench to use). Finally they said bring it to us and we will look at it and try to help you figure out what is wrong - including whether it is you or the car. The boys in the shop were actually kind of shocked when they climbed on the trailer and looked at the car after I towed it there from northern California. They kind of looked at me and appologized. I am still finding things (some little some not so little) that I am working around, but the important thing was that the guys in the SHOP at Shelby stepped up to the plate and stood behind their product. I really don't think that the COMPANY would have approved of the shop helping a customer, and I pray to GOD that the people at the shop don't get into to trouble for doing what is right. It is like the series 1 failure as descibed in the book "snake bit" (?) and the main reason why Ford is in such trouble right now as descibed by Titus at this years norcal saac mini national convention. The car companies are being run by bean counters who don't get that they are not making toasters and making decsions that are too much based on the bottom line. I have talked many people who love the new mustnag until they see the "cheap" interior.
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