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Originally Posted by csx4769
Let me repeat Amy B"s words "Sorry Guys ,just need to keep things clear " ; I forgot that after the engine was placed in my car CSX 4769 by Vince at Shelby in Las Vegas ; it needed to be removed and have the foot boxes adjusted by Gary Davis in the shop. Seems after 19 builds that that little problem would have been solved, ( even by a bean counter ! ) Amy its the TONE, it seems, that can get any of us in trouble . You of all people should understand the level of frustration that is abounding in the current CSX 4750 plus program. Hand built cars, some hands in Las Vegas, some hands in Mexico, some hands in South Africa, some hands in prison and some hands in 50 states and shops everywhere . These people just wanting to live a dream that Carroll Shelby himself wants to be available to the common enthusiasts. How about the differantial oil leak / vent/ new design cover/ oil all over my new pride and joy problem ? Vince told me " Shelby Automobiles Inc. will have no problem making it right." Has that been solved , or , will (shelby racer) have to find out about that only after he drives the car for the first time? I would venture to say that anyone that can afford to build or have built a CSX #### toy is probably NOT stupid. But, they can be made to feel that way when reasonable questions are asked. Then told that they " they need to get a life" by an overworked bean counter. Not Amy B 's words , by the way. The oil leak-- " Well its not leaked for the past eight months sitting in the shop at Vegas." I was actually told this by someone that " does not want his words to be used against him". This while waiting for the replacement suspension parts. Duh, it only leaks when you drive it ! It cost me just less than a grand to fix it , this because the halfshafts and the rear end must be removed to have it fixed the way the competition racers do it. I asked to have bill sent to Shelby under warrenty and was told " Don't waist you time and effort." Question : haven't these rear ends been used and copied by Jag , Shelby, Kirkham , Hot Rodders , and the like for forty years??? ? ? Dirty laundry should be aired in private I agree, but, the owners forum is under construction. Amy , why don't you have a meeting of your customers at the next SAAC Does Vegas? Buy us a breakfast and have a civil exchange of ideas and brainstorm some solutions : have Carroll show up to use his incredible charisma to keep the dream alive and the tone of the meeting respectful and under control. Run this by Joe Jaccuzz The customer relations and communications guy that could have had me arrested for the way I treated him when I stormmed past him and thru the back door at the shop to see my yet unfinished car ( the second SAAC in Vegas in a row). REALLY GUYS I was a total a$$, and I wrote a hand written letter of apology in my Vegas room that weekend . I gave a copy to Gary Patterson, Gary Davis and handed the original to Mr.Jaccuzz and said " this is for you and it is not a summons" . My sence of humor didn't come thru, I guess, because I never heard from him again. Did I mention that he is the Vice President of Communications and Customer Relations ? I also asked that a copy be given to Amy B. I wonder if she ever got it, or may be thats why she avoided me for the rest of the weekend at SAAC 2006. Many of you will think that I am just a defective (Rear End ) just like in my car . But, many of you know I am telling the truth. Nobody could make this $hit up. Respectfully Yours in the Hobby Randy Hermans CSX 4769. Cell 805 816 2288
Randy, I suggest you stop this public conversation, as I dont think you want to be publically humiliated. We both know what has happened. And as far as Vince working on you car, that is correct, offsite under his own company, which I nolonger allow, so keep this lie up and you will hear more from me

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