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Originally Posted by Jeri
Has anyone used Keisler Automotive Engineering to hook-up a TKO 500 to a 460? If so what did you think of their work?


Let me help you with this. The comment made right above mine is classic.
I just helped a genlteman who bought one of his transmissions recently. This poor guy bought what he was told was a kit for his Mustang he wrestled with is for 3 weeks couldn't get any one to call him back. He came by here we took his supposed kit and turned it into our kit. The 1st weekend he had it in and called me Monday for the driveshaft. Now he is a happy camper.

This is a trans you can put into your car. If you want an easy installation go with mine.If you are handy and understand driveline angles and know how to modify your own crossmember and dont mind cutting your floorpan, sourcing parts from all over and paying more for shipping go with someone else's.

We make it an easy way to do this thats all, but no matter what you do or who you get it from the TKO is the best way to do it.
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