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Now, Warren, clearly you have dealt with Peter in the past. Do I misspeak? You must acknowledge; truth is a complete defense...


PS: And whatever you do don't let him know that I wouldn't have it any other way.

As to the bellhousing... in order to get the trans out, we had to jack up the rear of the motor. It hit the bottom of the aluminum firewall which took a chunk out of the paint. Peter did his usual operatic, arm waving, over the top tarantella around the garage when I said that I didn't want it to go back in damaged... until he finally acknowledged that he wouldn't have put it back in that way either.

Did he tell you about the flood of antifreeze and oil that went everywhere when he missed the pan. As he will tell you his aim isn't any good. When he was at target practice while in boot camp in the middle of the last century, he shot over the target and then punched some holes in the bulls eye with a pencil when he went to retrieve it.
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