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airvolts: Get a copy of Steve Christ's How to Rebuild Your Big-Block Ford. It will asnwer most of your questions about any OEM FE Ford. In this case, pages 30 and 31 cover how to ID a center oiler or side oiler. With that said here are a couple more pix of a side oiler block.

Block has just been cleaned. Note threaded holes on the right side of the block between core plugs and cross-bolt holes. Note, also, the boss that runs front to back parallel with the main-bearing center line which are intersected by those holes. This is where the side oil gallery is drilled.

Here's a view of the back side of the block during assembly. Those two threaded oil-gallery holes to the left side (right side as pictured) of the crank flange confirms it's a side oiler. Center oilers have two above the cam plug. A side oiler has one as shown.

Hope the information "overload" helps.

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