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Default Stop beating on the car??

Clois Harlan If you stop beating on that car, the motor would not need a overhaul every 5 months . You have way too much free time. Maybe a Gessford motor is in the future. Low maintainance, low breakage, tough as any other motor, and runs like a Timex. ONLY KIDDING CLOIS. Your buddy called from N.Y. last week. going to drop the rear off at Kit Car show in Carlisle in May. Have you looked in to a drysump system? I think this is the way some of us need to go. I hate to mount the tank in the trunk. I like the custom one they did for the orginial one in the r/s front fender. The wieght being high in the car is the only thing. 10-12 quarts of oil at 8lbs a gallon, another 25 lbs, with the motor running 15 lbs not including the tank wieght. Caught you later. Kristen from Texas said she is beginning a couple more cars for the next R&G. I hope to make it, It is the 20th R&G, Hope they make a real nice shirt for this year. 20 years and still running, great bunch of people that started it and great bunch that have kept it going. The future looks bright. Rick L
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