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Default Watch out for the Dragons

Clois John is working on a new dragon and hopes to have it ready for the show in Carlisle. I think he is coming to R&G it is too early at this time. Clois 1 side note I like Jeff Swartz and the car he has. I know he drives it everywhere on street tires, but it doesn't belong in street class. It's like taken a knife to a gun fight. He has run in a couple different challenges and is not a novice either. His car is 2,000 lbs, 500 to 800 lbs lighter. CD on his car is great, it's not a barn door in the wind. Reed of Superpreformance tryed to a couple of years ago and was moved up in class from street to perpared. This is going to be something you guys will need to look at. James Yale Has a great car, did well and said he is either building a car for prepared or moving up a class with the Coupe. He is a classy guy. Perpared is alot harder group than street. The times have shownover the last couple of years you can thrown a napkin around the BB class. We all run within 2 seconds of each other on real street tires. A min 220 wear rating for street class is needed. Keeps the flied level. 3 of us ran pilots on our cars last year. I broke my times don't mean anything. This is something to look at. Rick L.
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