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From a Cobra perspective I look at it like torque is what gets you moving and overcoming inertia...horsepower is what keeps you moving down the line. Of course, HP is a product of TQ. But with a Cobra you can only use so much TQ before you find yourself feathering your pedal to fight slippage. A heavier car like a Mustang must move 1100 lbs more weight from 0-60 so they need more TQ. The Cobra can move very quickly out of the hole with 200+ lbs of TQ where the Mustang may require 300.
(Perhaps a poor comparison). You may produce 400 RWTQ but you cannot use nearly that off the line...feathering the pedal may have you mastering the applied use of 1/2-3/4 through 1st/2nd gear tops. In the Cobras we can use HP much more efficiently than TQ. Once we can get these light weight Cobras to hook, HP is the big advantage from 4000-6000+ rpm . Now if I could only understand what the heck I said .....oh boy .
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