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well i didnt expect such a response from the pics. ill definatly get more!! the paint is original. as for the people who *****ed bout the carpet it IS indeed indoor outdoor carpet,the car originally didnt have carpet! my dad put it in, its completley removable, not glued or screwed in, just kinda layed in, thats why it looks torn at the drivers footing, its just shifted around. the side pipes are original, thats what my dad was told at the museum when he bought it, so far this is the only cobra that ive seen with the boltable flanges. it is in our garage here in west texas, and is well kept for, cleaned a few times a year and kept under 3 different types of car covers 1st layer is really soft, almost like microfiber, 2nd is a regular cover and 3rd is a waterproof one. we change all fluids around once or twice a year and you know all the steps of storing the car to keep it as perfect as you can. 3 years ago was the 1st time we took it out(since like 1975) besides out of the garage to clean and back in, lol, we took it to a local car show and just totally monopolized the whole event. lol. it was awesome. the front tires are the original and are probably not really in drivable condition but they do hold air. as for the rear the original speedway specials are long gone(the ones on it now is only the 2nd set put on the car), i guess thats what you get when a 23 year old guy gets such a car especially back in the early 70's.
the bungee is on there for the car show. my dad put it on for safety reasons while it was on the trailer. but the trunk does shut and stay shut. lol, you just cant be too careful with a car like this one. my dad just told me last night a list of stuff that has been lost over the years. the original air cleaners, and a scoop that diverts air to the transmission cooler under the car. lol, thats it!!! well thanks for the response on the car. i will get some pics of it outside so you can truley see the beauty all around and some more detailed pics to. if there are any other 427 s/c owners reading this or if anyone knows one, PM me with a phone numberor ill give you a phone number, my dad wants to talk with some of the other 427 guys.
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