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Originally Posted by RedBarchetta
This is an interesting thread.

Guy in West Texas unveils his extremely rare, mostly original factory 427 S/C Shelby to the world. Most respondents are bowled over, drop-the-jaw infactuated with the car in its present state (me included). And then are a few (there always are a few) that try to nit pick it apart. It makes me .

Let's all just put jealousy aside and appreciate the fact that this kid has a Dad that had the smarts and foresight to purchase and hang onto this beast for so long. The fact that he is willing to share it with us is a treat and a privilege. Now let's all pray that B-J doesn't call this guy and try to exploit this "barn find."

It may come off as nit picking, but it's not. There were only 30 of these cars, and they were often modified over the years, so finding one that's in original shape is very rare. I have seen cars that were claimed to be all original/unrestored/unmolested, and then you look at them and see plenty of things that were altered or changed. There are STILL many unanswered questions on these cars after all these years, so naturually debates and questions will arise.

Looking at the pics of this car, things I notice are the carpet (obviously), the chrome expansion tank, the chrome fuel filter, the cap and wires, the rear breather hose and clamps, the bolt on header exhaust, and the 427 badge placement on the valve covers. And as Steve previously mentioned, the registry shows the car was repainted in the mid 70s. This is listed as being done by the same owner as posting here, so if it's NOT true, then that information needs to make it to Ned.

These are things that "I" would question, either in the sense that I know they are not orignal, or in the sense that I want to learn because I don't know. Some of these items are "maintenance" items, but that still factors into the car being called all original or not.

Don't get me wrong. I am by NO means trying to belittle, degrade, or discredit the car, the owner, or the poster. I TRUELY appriciate the posting of pics and info of this car. The pursit in me however, will always question things that don't look right, or that I am trying to learn more on.
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