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Originally Posted by csx3050
on another note, where the registry says it was on a cross country run; my dad was supposed to take carrol shelby for a ride in a parade in alpine, texas. it ended up raining so shelby rode in a model a or model t instead since the top was off or the cobra. people think that he was just there for a cross counrty run. and another time my dad got in the middle of a bunch of vettes around 1973 or 74 and blew passed em so mabye they reported that. but the car has never been on a rally. it dont have enough miles on it to have been in one! this is my dads words here "if anyone would like to talk about my car or yours or if you need any help or advice, shoot my son a message on this site and he will send you my email and phone number, thanks." he also says he agrees the he fully intends to find the right spark plug wires, hoses and clamps and any other parts to make it closer to factory! and he is glad to see that there are people out there that are as meticulous as he is about originality, people do stupid things when they are young he says, and "i was one of em!" my dad was also part of the boss 429 shotgun mustang when he was in high school, and ordered the first one. he has owned a 1972 detomaso pantera, 1970 hemi cuda, 1969 mustang mach 1 427 medium riser from the factory. my dads high school girlfriend and still very good friend, karen wynne's grandfather managed carrol shelby's ranch in terlinga, tx, and gave her a dollor bill at the dinner table while at the ranch during one of several visits.
I'd be more than happy to help your dad with missing parts and such, as I am sure others here into originality would.

One more question.... what does the title list your car as? 65 or 66? The car should be a 66, not a 65.
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