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Originally Posted by 767Jockey
I won't even comment on the car, nothing needs to be said- it's just incredible. What I absolutely love is the fact that it's not in some multi million dollar temperature controlled B-J more money than common sense environment. It's in some junk filled single car garage like the vast majority of us have our $40K replicas slid into. The boxes on the old kitchen counter top, some old tires stacked in the corner, and this incredible car sitting there just waiting for Mr. Every Day Joe to come out and strap it on and go blast down some back road somewhere. The rug is beat up through wear and use, and that's perfect! That's what this car's all about. It's not some waxed up, Wilton Wool and Connelly leathered showpiece. It's the nastiest damned car ever built, owned by a guy who seems to understand that it was made to be driven hard and thoroughly enjoyed for exactly what it is. This whole set of pictures is like a step back in time, to a place we all probably wish we were. My hats off to the owner for owning, keeping and most importantly driving this incredible machine as it was meant to be. I wish I was more articulate so I could accurately describe what I mean, but this is the best I can do. I'm just thrilled by these pictures, this car, and this owner. This is the perfect antidote to the whole B-J nonsense. There is hope in the world of auto enthusiasts. You want to invest - go buy stocks. These cars were built to be driven and enjoyed. Congrats to the owners - you're my heroes of the day.
So very well said! You clearly captured my exact thoughts as well...a working man's hot rod in a working man's garage. These pics have restored my faith that these scenes still exist in what has quickly become a very warped world.

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