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Originally Posted by 767Jockey
Doing the math from the third sentence of the first, original post, the owner has put approximately 10,000 miles on it since he purchased it. Just a great story!
The car hadn't been anywhere between '75 and "like 3 years ago" and now apparently, only goes anywhere on a trailer. So I assume the 10,000 miles were put on the car in the early '70's.
As I said, the car is terrific, but as it is, it's "worthless" as a Cobra in my humble opinion. It's a static display that no one gets to see it, apart from these photos, which I appreciate; and it never gets driven. I'm sorry, I don't get it.
Whilst I appreciate a car in original condition, I would far rather see a car that has had to be sympathetically restored a number of times because it has been well used and enjoyed.
My view is that these cars only have value, and I don't mean monetary value, as just that "cars". They were meant to be driven hard, seen and heard.
The late Dick Smith's Cobra is therefore, far more interesting and "valuable" for that reason.

I mean no disrespect to anyone, least of all CSX3050 or his Dad. I'm just expressing a personal view. Right, I've got my hard hat and flack jacket on, fire away

There is one proviso to the above opinion, that being if the owner is, for whatever reason, no longer able to drive, but still has an attachment to the car. If that is the case, I do "get it".


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