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Originally Posted by imagine2frolic
Everybody gets through life differently, and what the OWNER does is up to the OWNER. I personally would drive the BEAST, but it's not mine. The car will live it's life as the OWNER sees fit. Thanks for sharing all that you have shared.
That's it right there. Some would keep it tucked away, and some would drive it. Personally, I would drive the crap out of it. If it got chiped and dented, well that's just part of owning an aluminum body car. But I also have respect for those who DON'T drive it. You just have to see both sides of the fence.

Think about this... if the car HADN'T been tucked away since 1976, I doubt we'd all be salivating over what the car looks like today. It would probably be like most other S/Cs.... damaged, repaired, repainted, modified, etc....
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