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See the purple wire in the above picture? (Right next to the pink wire we just plugged in).

Here is it...that wire is labeled tachometer--albeit upside down.

That wire plugs in right here on the MSD box.

There is a BIG red wire that comes off of the other side of the MSD box. We are holding on to the wire in the picture. The wire comes from the opposite side of the MSD box from where we just plugged in the tach. This wire is hooked up to switched power. We conveniently have switched power right here at the main bus fuse. Hook it up.

Finally, you need to hook up your MSD ground. We do that by drilling a hole in the windshield bracket (right side) and bolting the wire to the bracket. Be sure to grind the powder coating off of the bracket so you get a good ground. (This is not necessary for those who have stainless chassis cars.) In the picture, we also bolted the stop/turn signal flasher relay (2 white wires) to the same grounding spot. You can see the relay in the upper right hand portion of the picture.

Here is a picture of everything hooked up and bolted down. Notice the power outlet we provide for you in the car. Very handy for cell phone chargers or anything else you may need power for.

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