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Hey 66,
Welcome and congrats on your first post. You are just starting on the build from what I see here and although I offer no recommendations to shops (you are way out of my neck of the woods) others with lots of experience and more local will help you. Maybe just semantics but you want a Builder not a body shop.
In your short post I read it to mean you are desiring Assembly more than BODY work and if I am right maybe a push to another direction would help you. If you need the panels fitted and installed then a body shop is out of their comfort zone. A Race Fabrication or Chassis shop if not a FFR builder is a better direction. Fitting panels and tin work are things you could do yourself with time permitting but it does take Skill or experience that a Builder or Fab shop already has not to mention the tools of the trade. If you did it yourself there is a learning curve on anything and you would not be very quick at first either. Tin work can be a work of art and done FAST by a Pro. If you are paying for the work then you do want a Pro and Pro results and speed.
After assembly and at a level of bodywork and paint then get her back to the Pros that are in that trade. Engine work is another trade so on the right track there. A builder would have skills to do many of the trades or have a tradesman for each task. I made a few assumptions here and hope I am going in right direction for you but did it trying to help and heart was in the right place anyway. It will all be worth a great deal when you finally get to drive your new Baby.
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