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Recently, there was an update with the Gallery Software. Does this limitation have to do with that? If so, can we downgrade back to the old software?
If it's server space, can we take up a special collection for memory space?
I guess I don't understand what the problem is. If it's a waste of space, who cares? Waste the space. What harm is it doing?
I just spent two hours deleting a ton of images from my Gallery. Many had positive comments, and I guess others enjoyed, but since I'm banging up against the limit, I had to do something.
I still have some in there, and some are large. But folks have told me they're using them for their Wallpaper or for a Calendar. That's cool, have at them.
For me, posting photos is part of sharing your life and Cobra experiences with others. There was a thread about Post Your Fall Colors. I couldn't participate because I was up against the size limit. It stinks!
Our Moderators work hard in their spare time to keep this awesome communication tool up and running for us and I am very grateful.
It's just that we have lost some of the ease of use and functionality with the site. And I, for one, don't know why.
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