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hi keith,
lot of the car's performance has been told in the tread "doubter of the 485 hp cobra" as part of finding the coefficient of drag.

the bulletpoints although are:
1950 lbs, 496 cui,4-speed, 3.31:1, 552 hp (DIN), 440 lbs at 1500 (!), 510 at 4100 - that's flexible torque!

1/4 mile was never tested, but we sped along the german autobahn and computed 9.85 s for the quarter with a top of 135 mph.

computed means not from standstill, but after finding the torque curve from coast down and ...

yes, it needs a roll-bar!

Chassis is a RAM (designed by Adrian Reynard) from england.
There is a chassis picture from another builder at:
M-series engine ?

I am sorry that i had to sell it, but can't wait to build the next - that's why i was asking for a SPF dealer in South Africa.

Best regards,

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