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Grant, I've never heard of this problem. I suspect you're running your float bowls out of fuel. That would occur much sooner than fuel tank slosh would be noticeable. You didn't say which carburetor you're running, but I doubt very seriously if you could run your entire fuel line dry and cause your engine to starve.

I had the same problem with my float bowls on SPF#770 with a Holley 4160 750DP. The primary bowls were running dry under extremely hard acceleration. But, not until 3800 rpm in 3rd gear! The car would act like it hit a brick wall. You could back off the throttle, and it would catch back up with itself, but as soon as you got back into it, it starved again. If I accelerated easy I didn't have the problem, and even under hard acceleration, I didn't have the problem until I reached 3800 rpm in 3rd.

The fix? Easy...just adjusted the primary float height using the adjusting screws, Raised the primaries about 3 flats of the adjusting nut and it cured the problem. The fix was suggested by Dennis Olthoff, and turned out to be right on target. Raising the float height provided the additional fuel needed under hard acceleration.
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