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Congrats on finishing the car,

At this years Carlisle, I spoke with Dennis Olthoff concerning this
issue. He said SPF tanks are baffled but the gas will still slosh around. On carburated cars there is always gas in the float bowl so when the line momentarily goes dry, the engine does'nt miss.
Obviously, when fuel injection is presicely metering out the fuel, this is a problem. Also, I believe he mentioned a fuel cell would produce similar results.

I am in the market for an SPF as well. The motor of choice for me will be the LS1 which of course is fuel injected. The gas tank is one of the bigger issues I am looking into. At the show, Dennis and the other dealers were down on the idea of FI. They sited the high costs and difficulty of installation and tried to sell me on the merits of carburation.

I am sticking to my cause because I am sure it can be done reasonably easily. I think one answer may be to get a tank with the fuel pump on the inside such as in a stock production car.
The FFR guys mostly use stock engines with FI and utilize the stock tank as well.

Goodluck and please post your fix or email me with your results.

"Live Joyfully"
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