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The problem with their tank is in the shape and improper baffling. The flat section at the bottom is only 6-7" long and then it goes straight up towards the rear bumper. So if the tank is 30" long, say, the pick-up is still way towards the front of the tank and the shape makes it VERY easy to run up the back of the tank and uncover the inlet for the pump. I'm running #10 feed lines and #8 return and a pump rated at 1000 hp so it's not a problem of line size. It won't do it on a full tank or close. It's worse in first or second gear as the acceleration "G" force is much higher than high gear.

I have heard of success using a remote 1-1.5 gallon reservoir for the pump inlet with an electric pump feeding it. They mounted them in the wheelwell or wherever there was room and it gave a positive source to draw fuel from that wouldn't run out during a run.

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