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Thanks so much for all your suggestions. Me & the engine builder have already gone thru all the ideas you guys came up with (secondary resevoir, baffling, etc.) and it don't look cheap in any scenario. I cannot recall what my fuel line size is, but would estimate it to be 1/2", with adequate filtering and pumping for the application. The problem really seems to lie in the tank's triangular shape, and the ease with which fuel can slosh up the ramp to the rear of the vehicle.
My builder really did a fantastic job of installation, and is a big believer in dfi (we're running multiport Accel). Honestly, with the cam and single plane manifold we're running, a carb would be nearly undrivable.
He's given me an estimate of $1000 to baffle and trap-door the tank, and I still would not have the safety factor of a fuel cell....

I will contact some of the fuel cell manufacturers to get (ouch!) quotes on a properly baffled cell. Any other ideas?
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