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Lightbulb Msd fix revisited


I'm sorry to see that you are still having trouble with the MSD install. If I read your last post correctly after the "hookup" you connected the red wire directly to the battery's positive post then removed it to test for spark? The small red wire activates the switching side of the circutry in the control box but not the spark itself. This may be redundant but something is definatly wrong here you are having WAY too much difficulty in this application.
To continue: 1. Tape off white wire (You are not using point type distributor) 2. Be sure ther is a ground strap from engine block to chassis. 3. Remove coil wire from center of distributor cap insert spark plug in the terminal that attached to distributor cap and place base of spark plug on a suitable grounded object (manifold bolt, valve cover bolt etc). 3. Remove 2 wire cable that runs from control box to distributor, disconect from distributor. 4. With trans in neutral and parking brake on; either switch on ignition with key
or connect red wire to positive post of battery. 5. Take the wire that you disconnected from the distributor and with a small piece of insulated wire shaped like a "U" insert it into the end of this two wire run completing the circut. Now as you repeatedly make and break this connection a spark should appear at the previously mention spark plug if "IT" is grounded properly.
If there is no spark and "ALL" connections are good including all ground connections then you still have a bad box. If you get spark and after installing distrutor again have no spark, then check the module inside the distributor itself. Frank your troubles are highly unusual I have never heard of such difficulties with so many boxes in one installation. Are you able to do this installation yourself or are you relying on someone else for installation?
Orange to + (positive) side of coil/no other wires
Black to - (negative) side of coil/no other wires
small red wire to battery (for test) or to switched 12v source from key.
White wire not used for Msd magnetic trigger distributor.
This may seem redundant but something is being overlooked by someone.
Hope this helps
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