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Hi Rick,

In the last hour, I got word from my mechanic who said that he got it running, the noise filter was not allowing current to pass. He might have just gotten another control box, I really don't know. My dad relayed the message as the car and mechanic are 100 miles from my week location. The manual testing that was being done on saturday was with the heavy red connected to the battery and the violet and green triggers jumped and then running the thin red to the battery to jump it. I think he removed the suppressor and perhaps then it got the current and allowed the system to deliver spark. Once he got it running, he determined that there were voltage spikes so he removed the alternator and removed the regulator. Apparently, and this is where I just don't have the familarity, my set-up was designed mostly for racing with as few wires from the alternator as possible, and with a points system, you can get away with it? Now the car gets amperage immediately without any lags, a bit beyond me. Also a wiring harness was used and ALL new grounds were established. He said it runs strong and he's been able to restart it dozens of times. He said this unit might still blow out and that I shouldn't be surprised, and if it does, not to bring it back. I ordered a new noise filter as well as the thermotec starter shield. I plan to install rubber shock mounts to the 6AL unit and then wrap the control unit with the heat shield and secure it with the metal straps. I will also install the new capacitor. If this 6AL blows, i am just going to get a plain jane ford electronic control unit and scrap the multiple sparks. I just don't really know what the hell was the root cause, probably less than perfect ground, a charging system with small spikes, and an ignition system that is extremely sensitive to a design that is not exactly as prescribed by the manufacturer's design. Maybe a poor choice of mechanic as well, surely the electrical system should have been tested once the car was running, especially since he found the first box wouldn't start the car.

I will plan on driving the hell out of this puppy (after implementing the last of the details) this weekend and hopefully I won't get stuck!

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