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Default Mark Reid's RCR GT-40 getting ready for paint

I thought I would start a thread on Marks RCR GT-40.
This is the first RCR product that has passed threw our doors and let me say I am very impressed to say the least. Mark installed all the mechanics and we will be doing the body fit, prep, paint work and metal plating. The best advise I would offer to any one that is fitting there RCR body to the chassis is to start with the rocker panel first, I like to slot one hole in each panel and use the slot to align the panels, next I slot the spider the same way using the rear clip as a guide and leave a 3/16 gap. Install the front clip the same way. The doors take the longest to get right, I slotted the aluminum mounting point horizontally, this give you easy adjustment of the door up, down, forward and rearward and with the adjustment that Fran has designed into his hinge its make it possible to get 3/16 inch gaps in ALL THE BODY PANELS.
I have attached a few pictures that where taken right after I finished the body mounting, I have not done any edge fitting yet and already the body panels and gaps looks great. All I can say is "Fran if all your bodies fit this way I will work on your product any day!!

Enjoy the pictures
Ron Randall
Enjoy the pictures
Ron Randall

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