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Boxhead and Mike...well done, hombres!

There have been stickies on the main forum, All Cobra Talk, for quite some time.

Computerworks posted this one to help folks understand about uploading and resizing:

Here's one on new features added last year with a good discussion:

Here's another update on Gallery features:

Sambo...not sure of your comment given that the "Upload Photos" link is part of the Gallery software. The camera icon seems to be self-evident, as does the word "Gallery" on the menu line, not to mention the several sticky articles on the main Forum All Cobra Talk. However, please feel free to drop Brent an e-mail or private message with your ideas on how he might create a better web design.

I'm going to leave this as a sticky in the Aussie Forum for future use by you folks.

Tomcat Racing...any time you folks need help on this site, please feel free to contact either Computerworks or myself.