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Bob walks into a bar for a drink. He notices a sign that says "Tonights Entertainment is - Henry and His Amazing Donkey". He wonders about what this is all about! He sits down to listen to the act. Henry states that for $100 if you can make his donkey laugh you'll win $1000 bucks.
Bob saw many people fail and knew that he could do this with no problem! He gives Henry $100 and whispers something into the donkeys ear. The donkey falls to the floor rolling on the ground laughing uncontrolably. Henry gave Bob the money and Bob went home feeling good about his winnings.
A few weeks past and Bob went into the same bar and saw the sign "Tonights Entertainment is - Henry and His Amazing Donkey". He went in again to see what was going on. This time it was $1000 bucks if you could make the donkey cry. Once again Bob saw many people fail at their attempt but he knew that he would win. He gave Henry the $100 and said that he had to bring the donkey to a secluded room for a minute. Henry said sure. Bob led the donkey into another room and in less than 30 secs Bob was leading the donkey back in crying hysterically. Henry was baffled and gave Bob the $1000 bucks.
Bob was about to leave but Henry stopped him. "Now hold on a minute! I have given you $1000 bucks for making my donkey laugh and another $1000 bucks to make him cry. I at least have to know how you did it."
Bob said: "Sure. The first night I told him that my member was bigger than his. Tonight I showed him!!!!
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