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The first goal was the March Texas meet, the next is the Mid-America next month (unlikely), and now it is more realistically before around Run n' Gun time. I am making progress, got it all go-karted up......engine/tranny in the chassis, installed new Torsen Tru-Trac rear diff, brakes, suspension and wheels, gas tank, fuel line, EFI and steering done.

Last Thursday I loaded it up and trailered it to Fabtech, the local shop belonging to my metal-working genius friend Chad, to have the headers modified to fit the side pipes correctly. Chad is a bit of a turbo expert and offered to turbo it up for me. Pleasant thoughts of 800 RWHP in a 2600 lb. car danced in my head before I told him "no, but thanks for asking".

Next is finish wiring, gauges/dash and install radiator. Then hopefully fire it up and see if it runs, leaks, blows fuses, smokes wiring, etc. before taking it to Tulsa to marry it up with the (hopefully-painted-by-then) body.


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Yeah Larry Goins has had some unfortunate family issues come up that are taking up most all of his time the last 6 months, along with moving his operation from Montana to Oklahoma. I think he may free up more this summer. It is a great car, and I am excited and anxious to get it on the road ASAP. Will post some pics soon of the go-kart.
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