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Originally Posted by Rickd View Post
And now they also offer the new slab sideed 289. That would have made my decision a lot tougher - I love the 289 body - and a slab sided street car would be really cool. This past Sunday am at a local Starbucks a guy and two women (one a TV host model) in running clothes were checking out my FIA. The guy said "now I would definitely take this before the Aston Martin. This is the real deal, correct". I said "well actually it IS a replica made by a company in Ct - ERA - that makes about 60 cars a year". They were quite surprised, said "well it's still a really nice car", and were still a little confused as my car has "antique" plates, as permitted here in Florida.


I seriously considered the new slab side, especially since I am going after the 'street' look, but I really like the look of the FIA fenders ... such a beautiful shape. So, my car will be more of a blend of the two ... 'street' & 'race'. ERA does make a nice car ... that's for sure. I'll post some 'build' specs soon.

- Tim
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