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Bran, The trend to street supercharging right now is to run about a 9 to 1 compression ratio for for instant throttle response and to use the supercharger as a sort of high end passing gear. This combo works VERY WELL on 450 cu/in or more motors and light cars. Remenber, 7 lbs of boost will increase your volumetric effiicency by 40%. So a 460 X 140% nets a 644 cu/in motor with a dynamic compression of about 12 to 1. Boosts around 7 to 11 lbs increases dynamic compressions to the point were serious ignition retard systems are required. Past 11 lbs maybe you need to lower your compression a notch or two. My engine has a 9 to 1 compression ratio, and it's by design.
What you most likely don't know though is that there is not any nice and neat supercharger kits out there for these big motors.This means you will have to fabracate brackets etc. and this also leads to higher $$$$$$$$ spent.
If you have the money and the time I say, research it , then-- GO FOR IT !
Ron Shockley

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