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Automan 04-15-2007 07:52 PM

Horn Problems
Hi Everyone:Well i tried for 3 hrs to figure out why my horn wont work. When i touch the wire coming out of the horn cam from steering column to the threaded center rod where the steering Wheel gets threaded on, the horn wont go off. I dont get it. When i connect a test light to that wire and touch the cowl the horn goes off. With the light still attached to the cowl i touch the test light to the column conector (GM IDIDIT) on the column side it goes off and on the panel side it goes off so i know the the connector is together. So i go to the panel (American Autowire Highway 22 kit) and put the test light on the Horn Switch screw where the wire is attached from the column and the horn goes off. So now I attached the yellow wire from the horn cam to the horn button. The Horn button has 3 spring type wires coming out of the sides to press against the inside of the hub to hold it on and ground i am thinking. So i attached the test light to one of the springs, the other end to the cowl and pressed the button. The horn went off.
So i am thinking that the horn switch wire (Ground) isn't grounded in the panel some how. Or the Horn relay attached to the panel might be faulty.
I dont know. What do you guys think.


jerry w 04-16-2007 04:54 PM

I know this is a pain, but have you tried installing the steering wheel with the horn button in place? It sounds like you have no ground through that threaded rod, but you might have contacts on the steering wheel itself that connect through to the clip and harness. I know how it feels to stumble on a little thing like a horn, especially when you spend hours trying to figure it out. Some times another set of eyes may see something you have missed.

Good luck, keep us posted on your progress.


Automan 04-18-2007 09:37 AM

Hey, thanks jerry for the feedback. I called Ididit. They said almost the exact same thing that you said. That the shaft wasn't grounded. Even though i thought that with the shaft connected all the way down to the rack would be sufficient, that sometimes its not enough. He told me to drill a little hole on the column, under the dash, and screw a ground from there to my cowl which has great ground. Did it and now i have horn. Installed my steering wheel permanently now with the horn button and all is functional. Next step is the wiring of the front electric rad fans so now i have to install my rad first before i can do that.

Another battle won.
Thanks again

jerry w 04-18-2007 07:20 PM

I love a happy ending!:D Glad things worked out. Keep us updated with pics of your build.


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