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Phx Mike 10-05-2020 09:00 PM

AZ Cobras Holiday Charity
AZ Cobras:

Hard to believe but we have nearly completed another lap around the sun and that means it’s holiday charity time! Our charity this year will be Treasure House.

Treasure House is a unique active living community for young adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Residents enjoy their own furnished one-bedroom apartment with access to family style amenities such as a kitchen, lounge, game room, patio and outdoor activities.

The goal of Treasure House is to provide these young adults with an accessible, safe living environment that will support them as they grow, develop and thrive.

I have been in touch with Lauri Tanner who is the CEO of Treasure House - she is super excited about working with us AND she is a gearhead and big Ford/Shelby Cobra fan! As usual we will plan a caravan over with our donations and show off the cars to the residents and staff (Lauri says the group will be THRILLED to see the cars).

They would love to have donations of gift cards for any of the following:

QT for gas for our 4 vehicles
Car Washes for our 4 vehicles
Fired Pie
Lou Malnati’s--- pizza
Panda Express
In and Out Burger
Dutch Bros
Dairy Queen
FireHouse Subs

Treasure House will use the gift cards to defray expenses they incurred on behalf of the facility and residents.

More to come on date and arrangement details as we get closer.


Bob Broberg SPF667 460BB 10-06-2020 08:56 AM

That sounds fantastic Mike, Thank you for your research and continued interest. Will be contacting our flyer artist (Paul) to make our promotion for the Anniversary Party on December 5th.
That new charity ride will be a short trip for some of us.

AZ Bob

Phx Mike 10-06-2020 08:58 AM

Bob do we have a date yet for the annual holiday get together? I would propose that we do our donation drop off the Saturday following that holiday get together.


Bob Broberg SPF667 460BB 10-06-2020 09:55 AM

Anniversary/Christmas Party is Saturday, December 5th so Charity Delivery Day would be Saturday, December 12th.

AZ Bob

Phx Mike 10-06-2020 07:43 PM

Okay folks we are set for our donation drop off and mini car show on Saturday 12/12 at 1:00 PM. Rendezvous point TBD.

This is the first Saturday after our Holiday Party at Ronís place.


Azhinoon 10-07-2020 07:55 AM

Thanks for locating Treasure House. A very worthwhile program. Keep us posted and see you at the Christmas Party.

DrDuc 10-07-2020 10:42 PM

Thanks Mike for lining this up. Really appreciated, especially with your already busy schedule!

Bob Broberg SPF667 460BB 10-10-2020 06:40 PM

Thanks Mike for finding our Charity for 2020. I'm sure Paul will feature it prominently on our annual Flyer. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, been out of commission from small bowel block. Home now.

AZ Bob

Phx Mike 10-11-2020 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by Bob Broberg SPF667 460BB (Post 1483936)
Thanks Mike for finding our Charity for 2020. I'm sure Paul will feature it prominently on our annual Flyer. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, been out of commission from small bowel block. Home now.

AZ Bob

No problem. Glad to hear you are feeling better Bob.

Scotchman 10-12-2020 07:34 AM

Sounds like a great plan Mike. :MECOOL:

csx4910 10-12-2020 09:56 PM

Is everyone okay with using our street taco truck again this year? Everyone bring desserts and drinks!( along with white elephant gift for exchange and donations) for our charity if you can’t come to the drop off.

DrDuc 10-12-2020 10:37 PM

Absolutely! The Taco truck has been great and your place is fantastic. Thanks again for hosting the Holiday Party.

Scotchman 10-13-2020 08:07 AM

What DrDuc said. ;)

Bob Broberg SPF667 460BB 10-13-2020 08:31 AM

Yes Ron, a repeat of last year is SUPER! I'm sure Paul is close to sending out our Anniversary Flyer.

AZ Bob

MKS427 10-13-2020 09:29 AM

Tacos at Ron and Pam's, always great.

Phx Mike 10-15-2020 12:23 PM

Thanks Ron and as Ron said, if you are NOT going to be able to make it to the charity drop off event on the 12th, then please bring your donation to the party on the 5th!


csx4910 10-17-2020 04:35 PM

Looking forward to catching up with everyone and hope to see some of our Tucson Cobras. Letís try to break 25 cobras this year, I think we have 23 or 24 last year plus some Mustangs.

Looking forward to it

moore_rb 11-18-2020 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by csx4910 (Post 1484208)
Let’s try to break 25 cobras this year, I think we have 23 or 24 last year plus some Mustangs.

Looking forward to it

Ummm.... What about those of us who have betrayed our Ford allegiance, and are now driving Bowties, and German SIX CYLINDER cars...???? :LOL:

I plan to show up this year, just for the awesome tacos, and to steal Scott's white elephant gift again :p:p:p

Bob Broberg SPF667 460BB 11-18-2020 07:52 AM

Always welcome Robert and of course Mike. It's like the Marines, "Once a Cobra Owner.... etc." Someday, even I will not own one but, I will still miss all the good people.
Everyone wants to steal Scott's gift. Should be fun.

AZ Bob

Bob Broberg SPF667 460BB 11-18-2020 08:00 AM

By the way, I visited the Treasure House to pinpoint the location. Easiest ingress/egress off 75th Ave first light north of the 101 via Aspera Blvd.

AZ Bob

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