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Rob. Smith 02-21-2018 01:42 AM

Windscreen glass ?
Hello people. I'm in the market for a replacement windscreen. I live in Newcastle NSW. Can anybody point me in the right direction please ?

Eeley Eagle 02-21-2018 11:20 AM

I remember Wazza was selling some a while back. Not sure if he has any left or not.

Monster 02-21-2018 02:57 PM

Do yourself a favor and replace your windshield with Lexan.
Search CC for info an reviews. I changed mine in 2004 (or so) and it looks as good today as it did when I installed it. I also did a how to post back then, you can search for that for tips.

good luck,

Grubby 02-21-2018 03:22 PM

This place treated me well and was the cheapest I could find about 5 years ago

Cut and paste this url into your browser;


Zedn 02-21-2018 04:39 PM

Call windscreen Obrien. I got mine from them about 5 years ago for $140.

Let me know how you go because i need to order another one soon too.

Wazza 02-21-2018 04:57 PM

I sold all the ones I had.

Rob. Smith 02-22-2018 02:24 AM

Thanks for the replies.... Zedn. I rang O'briens this morning and it Was very amusing. 1st they wanted my rego number ? Then asked what was an AC Cobra ? After I explained that it was a 1964 replica and the windscreen was the same as a MG .. they asked me for a VIN ? So I re-explained that it was an ICV and the VIN won't find anything. Then they transferred me to another office. The lady there said that could cut a new one for me as long as it was flat glass. I re-explained that it was curved and she said we will contact you soon. This afternoon I got a call from a nice local bloke and he told me that O'Brien would have to source it from another mob. He then gave me the name of the other mob and said it would be cheaper for me to buy from them. The other mob is National Auto Glass. A local as well. I will talk to them tomorrow.

Zedn 02-22-2018 12:56 PM

Thanks for the update.

When i bought mine, i called up and said i need glass for a AC Cobra. They said no problem do you want it fitted or pick up from a depot. I said pick up please. She said ok, placed the order and i got it 2 days later.

Linden 02-22-2018 01:58 PM

Im in Sydney and am looking for a replacement as well so let us know how you go.

Rob. Smith 02-24-2018 03:08 AM

Well folks...This mob has quoted me $195.00 delivered. ( locally about 63 klm) I will go and visit and have a look . O'brien told me to go to them. ;) 1/147 George Road,
Salamander Bay NSW 2317
02 4982 7474

Zedn 02-24-2018 03:08 PM

Good stuff, thanks for letting us know.

Linden 02-25-2018 01:37 PM


nobby 02-26-2018 12:41 PM

I had one fitted to my car in Sydney a few years ago, can't recall the company but anotjer cobra owner put me on to him. I will find out today. Got it delivered and fitted same day all done through my Shannons insurance free windscreen replacement.

dadndave 02-26-2018 12:45 PM

I used to replace mine annually , thanks shannons, as it would invariably crack due to body flex when racing. Windscreens Obrien at Roseville were my go to. Just took the frame and glass to them, replaced in resealed with Sicaflex(?) in 2 days. No payment required, thanks again Shannons.
For info replacement glass for cobras is a stock item in their supply.

Zedn 08-05-2018 08:54 PM

Just to update this thread.

I spoke to Obrien today and ordered a windscreen (glass only). It was simple, i told them what i wanted, they said which branch would you like, i said Roseville. They put me through and the lady was very helpful. It is in stock at the warehouse and being ordered in. Price has gone up a bit to $210. Description i gave was 1965 AC Cobra. When i said the price has gone up, she said she would speak to the boss about the price.

RallySnake 08-05-2018 09:45 PM

Glass windshields don't last long in these cars. Buy a sheet of Lexan MR10. It is hardened and can handle windscreen wipers. Mine has been hit by rocks as large as a fist and it barely gets a scratch. Mine still looks good after 10 years and 60,000 miles. You can cut 5 Cobra windscreens out of an 8' by 4' by 1/4" sheet. I sold 4 of them for $200 each on eBay. If you can work smoothly with a saber saw, you can do the same.


Zedn 08-05-2018 10:30 PM

Unfortunately we are in Australia and the windscreen is required to be certified to Australian standards.

stephen low 08-06-2018 01:43 AM

My <2 yo screen is a mess,

So if Lexan is all that great why can't we use these here in OZ?

What prevents Lexan from meeting certification requirements?

Zedn 08-06-2018 02:52 AM

I’m not sure that we definantly can’t. However two reasons could be that it breaks into sharp pieces and also the potential for scratching/hazing making visibility an issue. I know my boat screen is hard to see out off from fine scratches

RallySnake 08-06-2018 09:19 AM

Your boat windshield is probably made of Plexiglas which scratches and breaks very easily. I tried that before I discovered Lexan MR-10. Lexan does not break. A story I heard was about a guy who took a piece of Lexan to the shooting range and fired a shotgun with bird shot into it. Fortunately, he turned his head to pick up another shell just as all the pellets bounced back into the side of his body. Lexan is the stuff that banks use for "Bandit Barriers" and it's not cheap! At a recent Cobra club meeting, the subject of windshields came up. I was surprised how many guys had installed Lexan windshields on their valuable original cars.


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