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Tenrocca 11-18-2004 08:35 PM

Where to start???
When I was a young fella...about 10 or 11, I saw my first AC cobra. Love at first site, and have always wanted to build one. Alas the dream was forgotten for 20 years...till...a few weeks ago when out driving with my "first born" she spotted this "cool car dad". I said..."would you like me to build you one"..."Oh". Blue with silver stripe. Ive seen it a few times since around to have a look one day if you our there. Send me an email.

After a bit of discussion with the one who must be obeyed...permission has been granted. As soon as I finish the house. OK...thats about 12 months away, but by the looks of things a lot of research pays off. So Im starting now.

Couple of questions following the research Ive done so far.

1) There only appears to be 2 local (Sydney) kit suppliers, Homebush fibreglass and Classic revival. Should I limit my options to these 2, or is sourcing a kit from interstate a feasable option?

2) Engine options and APR requirements. Firstly, I have to say Im not a real rev head (is that sacrilege??) and something a little more sedate then some of the donks that are typically used is probably more my style. I really like the sound of the 4l Lexus V8, bullet proof and no problems once installed (Aparantly - any advice there?), and bloody good value (looks like buying a half cut is the way to go). Does anyone have a difinitative answer on wether this engine will meet APR? And if so from what year model?

3) Is there a book\guide\instuction manual that is easily obtainable on building one of these cars? by the looks of things once you buy the kit you get some "instruction" (who reads those anyway)...but cant the average Joe (ie Me) obtain something like this to see exactly whats involved?

4) Ive seen on some people tend to purchase a "donor car" if they can find the right one. Are there any local kits that lend itself to this? Ive seen that one kit takes lh\lx torana that the only bit from the torana I could use, or should I rush out now and get that one I saw down the road with the $150 sign in the window? :p

5) The engineer...what does he do. Does he just approve the car at the end or does he have to be involved throughout the build process? Where do you find a friendly one...and is this a big expense (or when compard to the 10's of thousands and 3-4 years this things going to cost me a drop in the ocean)

Im sure as time progresses Ill have plenty of more questions...until then if anyone could help me any or all of these that would be fantastic.


Flip 11-18-2004 09:31 PM

Your halfway there you've got the other half to agree. the ADR's change at the end of this and you will have to use an engine that is EURO 3 standard which will mean a current model engine. Only true Cobras use a Ford Engine don't be influenced by "The Dark Side"

It is easier if you use a manufacturer in your state as you can always visit the factory for help.

Good luck what ever you choose it will be worth it.

What's a Wallaby is that the pretend football you play up north.

Go the Pies.


Shelby400 11-18-2004 09:36 PM


Now we are going to get into an argument about what is the best football code.

Everybody knows that Rugby is the game made in heaven.

There we go, end of argument.

mate 11-18-2004 09:41 PM


only one REAL football....and it ain't league, union or aussie rules :D

but it's great to be a sports fan and still like the lot of 'em :)

and it's good time to be a cricket lover to :p

justbetter 11-18-2004 09:41 PM

Dark Side
" Someone call The Dark Side ?"

See them fussy finiky Ford Fellers think they got it all...:confused:

But there is a very strong force called The Dark Side, a group of well educated, very keen, sensible, members who put the very light weight, very powerfull, very easily passable to ADR, Gen3 Chev engine in there cobras. And the job is done.

Thats all i need to say. unless you get that "Oh what a feeling" feeling.


Tenrocca 11-18-2004 09:44 PM

No arguments from me.

I see you have a Lexus V8 in yours (although you have probably gone a lot further with it then I intend to...although who knows).
Any tips on using this engine. Would I really have to buy a new model engine or does the earlier model (not too early) lexus V8 engines already meet the new rules?

Shelby400 11-18-2004 09:55 PM

Trying to get the older motor passed under the current regs in NSW would be impossible. You would have to source a motor from a current model Australian delivered Lexus LS430.

I hate to say it but you are probably better off using the more common garden variety LSI or LS2


Tenrocca 11-18-2004 09:57 PM

At least if my ideas are going to be shot down better it happens early :P. ime to start looking at the LS1 option......

PCC 11-18-2004 11:34 PM

You build your Cobra how you want to build it.

There's me with a 302 Windsor and a modern preformed dash and Honda seats (very comfortable);)

There is no point going down the I want it original road as you'll simply never get there.

My attitude is does it look like a Cobra and if it does your almost there.

These GM motors do seem to have advantages over most, but at the end of the day its up to you and what your budget allows.

At the end of the day - these are FUN cars that will raise a smile every time you bring it out of the garage.

One thing for sure, if you do go ahead there are plenty of helpers on this site who will come to your aid.

Whether its Fabricator Mike, Sander Les, Lexus guru Scotty, HP Craig (and add Garrett) or burger man Bern you'll certainly have fun using the site.

Oh, and if you want a set of neons - I'm your man

:D :D :D

Tenrocca 11-19-2004 12:46 AM

OK...well Ive got answers to 2 out of 5 questions. Buy local...get a current model motor (extra 10k onto the budget already :-P, but hey, I realise this aint gunna be quick,easy or cheap).

Any advise on the other readily available information, engineers, donor cars?

Thanks for the replies so far BTW.......a lot of people out there with nuffin better to do with their time then tinker with cars and play on the internet. :-P

Dont forget to watch the rugby.....1:45 Sunday Morning (Only scotland...but what the hell...ill take what I can get this time of year)

GAV MILDURA 11-19-2004 12:51 AM

I have bought a Calssic revival car becuase of the fact the kit uses production parts to complete rather than custom fabricated suspension components ect.
For me this was a bonus as if the supplier goes toes up or if you are in a fix spares should not be too hard to source.
As for manuals, Ian from Classic' was prepared to forward the manual for a couple of hundred bucks and refunded that money from the price of the kit when I ordered. The manual has a full list of the donor parts required and came in CD form with loads of photos ect. Better to do a bit of money rather than buy a kit you're not happy with.
I have started to source my bits now and my chassis and body should be here next week.

Hope I was able to help.

Tenrocca 11-19-2004 12:58 AM

Thanks Gav. Mite try a search for that manual on Napster :P.

The classic revival kit is certainly the Im leaning towards (at this very very early stage).

Do you know anything about the engineer requirments...what you need to do along the way to have your car approved at the end? you know how the rules differ from state to state, ie. between vic and NSW.


Also Im curious...what happened to Robnell? I cant find any info on them anymore?

boxhead 11-19-2004 02:04 AM

Welcome along Tenrocca.
I have the Classic Revival kit and have found it (so far) to be fairly simple to assemble.

The genIII engine isnt overly expensive to buy and use in these cars.

P.S I agree, Go the Wallabies.

Tenrocca 11-19-2004 02:09 AM

Yeah a little bit of research and the numbers arent too scarey :-P

Im gunna have to finish this house soon..

Tenrocca 11-19-2004 02:11 AM

One more question...the classic revival info kit....just how much info does it provide?

boxhead 11-19-2004 02:32 AM

Check your Pm list Tenrocca

GAV MILDURA 11-19-2004 03:34 AM

The rules so far as I have found differ greatly.
Living here on the border of Vic (State of the dark side), SA and NSW according to my engineer it is real confusing.
From what I have now been made aware NSW is a bit of a nightmare, Victoria is a bit painful and the other states appear to almost be reasonable.
I have contracted my engineer but even engineers from the same state have opinions differing from each other.
If I have learnt one thing from my very limited experience, talk to engineers before you buy anything, get an understanding of what you are going to be required to acheive and get comfortable with who ever it is that is going to be responsable for helping you get your kit registered.
The information kit provides manufacturers parts numbers for the bits you need, photos and descriptions of what should be done when. It is not in my opinion a fully comprehensive workshop manual you will need to have a bit of prior mechanical Knowledge.
Hope htis helps a bit more.

trularin 11-19-2004 05:17 AM

As a point of clarity, never was there a cobra made with a Cheby engine in it.

In light of this, as you venture forward in your endevores, It might be considered a sin against cobras in general, if you put a cheby in a Ford.

Just a thought!

Ralph_C 11-19-2004 05:47 PM


I got the Classic Revival info kit about a month ago - contains all the parts and prebuilt option price lists (Similar to what G-force have on their web site), and some really nice pics.

Bathrone 11-20-2004 06:56 AM

Gday. Im a similar phase to yourself mate. My partner would go before my cars would so she's resigned to me financial incompetance and my childish fantasies with my toys :)

1. With communication the way it is today I dont see the issue with getting one anywhere in Australia. In my view overseas is the big boundary especially given the need to do your ICV to relevant adrs. With projects Ive done in the past like my Mazda some of the best ideas and insights has come from people outside of my immediate circle and broadening the audience helped me get new insights.

I have very specific engineering standards Im looking for in a kit and I have been struck by the Classic Revival kit. There are a few things which I want to take a different direction on but I reckon its a solid start the CR kit offers.

2. The Lexus V8 is an exceptional engine which meets ADRs and is cost effective. Its a bit down on power in comparison to bigger NA motors but if you want more power later on, go twin turbo, the right setup with intercooling, water injection and all the tricks would see over 1000hp on pump fuel I'd wager - more than youd ever want.

3. Im not buying any kit without seeing the instructions first. What will help alot is buying some technical car / engineering books as these is loads of details in the better books Ive bought.

4. Personally I dont care about donor parts or custom parts - its the engineering specifications that Im interested in. e.g. Various things about the suspension geometry, chassis stiffness etcetc.

5. Youll want to partner up with your engineer all the way through the project. However my advice is to look through the rules yourself......two engineers I had for my last project - the first one was fine with it on paper, took it for a drive with me in the passenger seat and he was gutter to gutter correcting slides and freaked out when it hit boost. The second bloke ended up approving modifications I found out later were actually illegal. Of all things I think this aspect of the project is the most difficult and its the aspect thats very important.

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