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VRDriver90 08-07-2022 02:02 PM

Lone Star Lower Control Arms
I have a 2002 Lone Star Classics Cobra and I have had one of the lower control arms break on me. Wanted to see if anyone else had options on either upgrading them or where I could get some replacements. I talked to Ultimate classic cars about getting some new ones from them, but they dont have the material to build them and couldn't give me a time frame of when they could get them completed even.

Anyone have any suggestions or an old set they are willing to sell?



Seagull81 08-08-2022 06:45 AM

You need to contact Rick Bickle. He can help you out. He is in the DFW Cobra Club on Facebook if you are on there. If not he or one of the guys might see this here.

CobraLoneStar 08-08-2022 06:51 AM

Several of us have had issues with these lower arms. A few years back we had a new ones made by a shop in the Dallas area. Send me your contact info and I'll call you with this information.

VRDriver90 08-08-2022 11:15 AM

Thanks for the replies.

CobraLoneStar I sent you a private PM with my contact info.

FUNFER2 08-08-2022 05:26 PM

Check out Shell Valley below. Great people to work with.

I also have a 2000 LSC and it's been a goal to upgrade, just never have. I hate,...using washers of different thicknesses for alignment. If I was road racing I would replace the entire front suspension.

UCC is worthless to me. :rolleyes:

428SCJ 08-08-2022 06:56 PM

Can you post a pic of the broken lower control arm?
Are they always breaking in the same spot?
I would like to examine mine. Thanks

FUNFER2 08-08-2022 07:05 PM

Mine are 22 yrs. old with no issues. There is no reason these should be breaking, so I'd like to see a nice clean photo of one.

Kenny B 08-12-2022 04:38 PM

Kevin: the issue began around the 2008 - 2010 timeframe - maybe a tad earlier. I built my Lonestar in 2010. The lower arms they supplied with those kits used a split wall tubing that failed at a high rate due to the tubing not being thick enough and being split wall. I lost both of my lowers at different times with different failure modes. One tube split and the other completely broke at the weld. Around 2012 - 2013 or so, they went back to using the proper tubing and I have not heard of any recent failures on those models. We had a group that went together and had Riggs Fabrication in Justin, TX make us new ones. Rick and Luce designed a lower with a heim joint on one end. They are a very good replacement.

FUNFER2 08-12-2022 05:25 PM

BS stuff again. Those are damn dangerous. When we raced sprint cars a few manufacturers and some teams, started milling down aluminum wheels, At the Knoxville Nationals we watched four team cars breaking wheels, at 140 mph. Steve Kinser told me that a couple of frame manufacturers were doing the same, using thin wall tubbing. INSANE ! That didn't last long, thankfully !

FUNFER2 08-12-2022 05:28 PM

Please give me details and more info on what you said,...

"We had a group that went together and had Riggs Fabrication in Justin, TX make us new ones. Rick and Luce designed a lower with a heim joint on one end. They are a very good replacement''.

Any pics ?
Cost ?
Tubular ?

bwcobra15 08-13-2022 09:56 AM
Rick Bickle created the forum when the company in Keller got sold to UCC ... Here is his post and fix on the subject:

FUNFER2 08-13-2022 11:27 AM

I wish Brian still owned the company. I'll take the time to read that post later. Thank you for that !

What did the complete upgrade cost ?
Do you know what the Wilwood brake kit model number is ?

VRDriver90 08-14-2022 03:42 PM

Mine split at the rear mounting point. I am looking into contacting Riggs Fabrication to see if they can make a set for me. I have had mine on the road since 2005 and they lasted pretty well but glad I found the break before taking it for a drive.

Thanks again for all the info for getting replacements.


Skip J. 08-15-2022 09:40 AM

Jeff, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd report back of your success with contacting Riggs Fabrication because I too am interested in purchasing a new set of LCA's from them.

VRDriver90 08-16-2022 06:02 PM

I reached out to Rigg's Fabrication and he would be able to make more , but would want to make a run of 4 minimum to make it cost effective. So if anyone else is looking to get a set made maybe we can get a group buy going to get some made. He mentioned the price of steel has gone up so he will have to get back to me on what the price will be.

Ping me or respond here if anyone else needs LCA for their Lone Star Classic.


Skip J. 08-16-2022 07:26 PM

Jeff - Thanks for providing the update from Riggs. I'm definitely willing to purchase a set of the LCA's from Riggs Fabrication provided of course that their pricing is reasonable. I'll continue to track this post to see what they say about cost once you receive it.

FUNFER2 08-16-2022 08:26 PM

Is the alignment done with heim joints or shims ?

I'm curious to hear the group buy price when you find out.

undy 08-17-2022 03:41 AM


Originally Posted by FUNFER2 (Post 1509522)
Is the alignment done with heim joints or shims ?

I'm curious to hear the group buy price when you find out.

Tried contacting luck.

FUNFER2 08-18-2022 12:58 PM

I'll call you late afternoon.

Bruce.huling 08-18-2022 06:35 PM

Iím interested. Pictures of replacements? My last is a 2007. Read the thread, jacked up my car and crawled under to inspect closely. No problems found, but not the kind of thing I want to break either unexpectedly.

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