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Shelby AC Cobra Nascar 700HP 2 Year Warranty Ads from this Seller · Contact Seller
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john28657 15866 Wed December 27, 2006
Asking Price Condition
$97,453.00 Excellent




Description: Start the Year off Right, With What You REALLY Wanted for Christmas!

Custom built, hand crafted
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This car was hand built in our shop from the ground up by a highly trained staff of professionals with over 20 years experience.

Designed with road racing in mind, this Cobra was built to withstand 24-hour race conditions any where in the world. Built with all new parts and over $40,000 invested by Robert Yates Racing in engine alone.

NASCAR Nextel Cup Road Race Chassis

CV Products A-Arms: Nextel Cup road race version, Lightweight assembly, Manufactured to exacting tolerances, cold rolled steel with shot peen finish for exceptional strength.

Front Shocks: Carrera threaded body top of the line racing shocks.

Rear Shocks: In grass roots racing, “take-apart” mono-tube gas pressure shocks were once considered

technology used only by a few elite, well-funded race teams. Bilstein, the world leader

pressure shock technology, now brings their world class technology to America’s short

and road racers at a truly affordable price.

Bilstein’s new 46mm 2” diameter series gas pressure take-apart shocks were born

deserts of the Southwest where superior performance and long-life durability made Bilstein

the standard of rugged off-road racing. Now this technology is available to the Saturday

racer in both steel and aluminum construction!

The 46mm (2”) SN and ASN Series shocks come in kit form and may be assembled

The SN Series has an aluminum gas compartment that threads onto Bilstein’s precision

and is nickel plated for unequalled heat dissipation. The ASN Series is built with a one

threaded aluminum tube for the ultimate in light weight high performance shocks.

Front Springs: Hyper-Co front springs

Rear Springs: Bilstein rear springs

Hubs: Heavy duty NASCAR road race front hubs.


Steering Column: Flaming River Steering column.

New Stainless Steel - with turn signal switch in standard 30 inch length. Nostalgic design with the brilliance of stainless steel and compact shroud.

Steering Wheel: Flaming River racing steering wheel

Steering box: 12:1 Ratio steering box

Every C.J.R. Products gearbox begins with a high performance Delphi-Saginaw base. After stripping it down and machining it to our precise tolerances, we build it back up with numerous custom modifications. Our modifications greatly improve the gear’s high
temperature resistance, cornering control, stability on the straights, and overall reliability.

C.J.R. Products works with numerous teams from Winston Cup to Late Model Stock. We’re constantly learning and passing on our knowledge to the racing industry. At C.J.R. Products, we engineered solutions 15 years ago that our competitors are just trying today. And we’ve come a long way since then!

Wilwood Road Race Breaks and High-Temp racing brake fluid.
Calipers: Wilwood Calipers

P6R Radial Mount Caliper Highlights:

Wilwood's six piston P6R caliper leads the pack in Short Track and Road Course braking technology. Thermlock® insulated short track pistons come standard in the P6R and are positioned employing our proven exclusive stagger pattern resulting in unmatched caliper rigidity and balanced pad load characteristics. Holding a large 13.2 cubic inch pad, it is designed with heat management technology derived from years of short track experience combined with the latest in solid modeling and stress simulation programs. Brake pad distortion and taper is virtually eliminated. Pedal feel is responsive, predictable and consistent.

Caliper Mounting Dimensions

Bracket Mounting Dimensions

P6R Caliper Pads

At just 7.2 pounds, this ultra-stiff radial mount caliper comes with Thermlock® pistons and is fully heat shielded for maximum seal life and brake fluid protection. Additional features include dual bridge bolts, heavy duty pad load plates and protected two-piece bleed screws and crossover tube. We also offer a lightweight mounting bracket from 7.80" (198,1) radial to 5.25" (133,4) GT lug mount pattern. Self bleed lines are available for the P6R.

Thermlock T2 Short Track Piston:

Wilwood's Thermlock® T2 pistons incorporate a stainless steel shield and coated aluminum shell configuration to provide a highly efficient thermal barrier between the brake pads and the caliper body, seals, and fluid. Lower operating temperatures eliminate seal crystallization and localized fluid boiling while providing longer caliper service life through decreased distortion in the caliper body and piston bores. Thermlock® T2 pistons are standard equipment in all Prolite calipers.

Order P/N:

1.62" (41,1 mm)

1.25" (31,8 mm)

Ordering Information:

Differential Bore Size
Disc Width
Front Mount
RH - Part Number - LH
Rear Mount
RH - Part Number - LH

1.62/1.25/1.25" 41,1/31,8/31,8 mm
1.38" 35,1 mm
120-7604-FS 120-7605-FS
120-7604-RS 120-7605-RS

Rotors: Cross-drilled, slotted, and vented Wilwood Rotors carbon fiber rotor and spindle cooling ducts, with switchable fans.

Rear End
Full Floater Rears
The ideal setup for an axle housing is that of the full floater assembly. First off it’s 20% stronger than a conventional (semi-floater) assembly and the housing is usually 40% stronger. All NASCAR rears are Full-Floaters and use oversize rear bearings in a 4" Hub!
FullFloaters are not always used in a production vehicles simply because it costs more to manufacture than that of the semi-floating axle. However, for the Racing and off-road worlds, the advantages of a full floater axlesetup far outweigh any cost difference between it and the semi-floater axle.First, the full floater axle uses the housing to mount the wheel (and hub/bearings) as opposed to mounting the wheel directly to the axle shaft. This allows the forces created by the wheel and car to be transferred directly to the housing, which is specifically designed to handle this type of loading. By concentrating the force to the housing, the axle shafts are used for torsion loading only, as their design originally entailed.

Second, with the use of a drive plate (spindle) the ability to lock and unlock the wheel from the axle shaft is now possible. In a rear axle setup, this is desirable if the vehicle is being flat towed. Also, in case of axle shaft failure, the wheel remains on the vehicle as opposed to the semi-floater axle where the wheel could come off the vehicle

Finally, the ease of changing the third member (centerchunk, pig etc.) becomes the most valuable attribute of this type of rear. Some NASCAR teams can change the ThirdMember in just 7 minutes!
Drive Shaft
1200HP capable shaft with extra heavy duty U-joints and billet yokes.


Rankin NASCAR Road race transmissions, strongest one made. Straight cut gears allow for quick shifts without the use of the clutch.

Shifter: Canaday billet shifter, aluminum heim ends. Custom made billet titanium shift lever and knob.

Rear end and Transmission cooling system with 2 stage stock car products rear end mounted oil pump with dual setrab oil coolers with fan.


The Block
We start with an all new Ford racing SVO Block
4.180" Overbore Capacity
Cast iron block with 4-bolt main caps and strengthened structural sections.

Custom splayed billet steel main caps from RYR

Can be bored/stroked to produce 434 cu. in.

Siamese cylinder bores

Bore range from 4.000-4.180"

Dry sump oiling design

2.248" main journal diameter (stock 302 size)

Weighs approximately 190 lbs.
For professional competition (NASCAR)
Prepped and finished by RYR

Sonny Bryant forged billet ultralight crankshaft

For a long time, bearings were so good that there was little need for improvement," he says. "The Clevite 77 TriMetal(R) bearing line was the standard of the industry in its various configurations. Performance engine builders specified preferred clearances to their crank grinder, double-checked them, and focused their attention and creativity elsewhere. But as other components improved, such as low-tension rings, which approached the limits of reduced friction, engine builders began to look at the crankshaft/bearing interface. This became another area to be explored for further reducing friction.

Steel connecting rods manufactured by Arrow Precision are anything but 'standard'. They will out-last those of the competition and out-perform them as well, representing excellent value for money. Arrow Precision Engineering designs strength in, paying attention to the details: the only way to get a lightweight, robust rod and real quality.

We manufacture from the highest quality steel, specified and purchased by us, from mills in the UK. Vacuum de-gassed nickel chrome alloy steel (Double-air-melt) has a very low sulphur content, .025%, which means fewer inclusions and faults. When forged, imperfections are reduced to an absolute minimum, ensuring excellent consistency in the seven standard forgings reaching our machine shop.

Wrist Pins
Precision Products Performance Center's Titanium Pins got off to a fast start in 2000. There were 2600 titanium wrist pins in the hands off engine builders by August. We are still finding new applications and will continue to offer an increasing number of sizes.

Our customers are having continued success in many different racing venues and we continue to improve the product. The strength of the titanium wrist pin has been demonstrated in Pro-Stock drag racing cars and trucks and its endurance in high performance oval track stock cars and trucks. A few sets (70 grams a pin) can even be found in late model stock cars.

MAHLE gives you a competitive edge with pistons that are perfectly prepared when you take them put of the box. MAHLE machines the correct valve reliefs, dome profiles and ring grooves for competition. They fit the pins with proper clearances, then inspect and hand deburr every piston. Plus, with factory-applied phosphate and Grafel skirt coatings, you eliminate the expense and uncertainty of aftermarket coatings. All MAHLE ProSeries Pistons are forged from MSP25/2618 allow unless otherwise noted. Only available to RYR.
Custom ground billet solid roller cam from Comp Cams. 55mm roller cam bearings

Billet titaninum experimental rollerlifters

CV Products Double Tapered Push Rods: These offer more overall strength, extra cylinder head clearance, lighter weight tapered design allows for a stronger, larger diameter pushrod without an overall weight penalty.

Timing Chain
Hy-Vo Timing chain and billet gear set

Ford Motorsport (SVO) Yates heads are designed for a max effort racing engine. CNC Ported and prepped by RYR. Copper Beryllium valve seats. CNC billet steel exhaust flanges.

Latest Ford Motor Sports Yates intake match ported and polished

· All valves are completely CNC machined and precision ground. All critical dimensions of the valves are controlled 100% for visual and dimensional aspects before shipment.

· Del West applies in-house developed thermally sprayed coatings to protect against wear on the stem. The tip of the valve is protected by either the insertion of a steel tip or with a thermally sprayed coating.

· Del West can apply thin film coatings such as Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition (PVD, CVD). These types of coatings include Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), Titanium Nitride (TiN), and Chromium Nitride (CrN). They are recommended to be applied to any surface of a component where increased wear protection and extended service are required. A Del West engineer can help guide you on the performance benefits to applying these coatings.

· 100% traceability on all components from receipt of material to shipment of product is maintained at Del West.
The lower mass of the titanium valves combined with the matching Del West keepers (locks, cotters) and spring retainers allow for the use of higher RPM and more aggressive cam profiles without the loss of valve control. This results in the development of broader torque curves with increased horsepower and higher RPM and power numbers.

Del west titanium retainers and locks
· Aerospace quality titanium

· 100% CNC machined for unparalleled tolerance control and surface finish

· Precision ID bore control for proper valve stem to keeper contact

· Close taper angle control for proper keeper to retainer contact

The result is a superior valve stem to keeper to retainer assembly. When the fit is correct, there is no relative motion in the assembly. This results in less wear and an extended service life of the components.

Valve Springs
Comp Cams racing triple valve springs

Valve Covers
Fabricated Yates valve covers with valve spring oilers and vacuum port.

CV Billet V-Belt Pulleys

Water Pump
Ultra high flow racing aluminum water pump.

Oil Pump and Lines

New 9017 RP

This new 9 1/2” belt-driven oil pump, is engineered specifically for high vacuum applications. The new 9017 RP has all the performance-enhancing features of race-proven Barnes 9017 Series pumps PLUS the following important innovations:



Keyslot locations on our new rotors are staggered so each section opens in sequence, not simultaneously.
This key design feature eliminates pulsing, reduces vibration and makes our pumps operate more smoothly.


Available with Barnes’ NEW 3-lobe timed aluminum scavenge rotors with higher vacuum capability.

Gun-drilled, pinned idler shaft won’t rotate, reducing wear in end housings.

Smoother and more efficient, due to T-slots, machined into end plates that release trapped oil that can cause gears to separate and contact the housing on the pressure section.

Larger internal cross port. Spur gears in pressure section with wider centerline distance, larger O.D. and larger carry a larger volume of oil.

Gear housings are machined and fitted with O-rings to maintain correct gear end clearance and simplify assembly and disassembly.

2 Ball bearings in the center of the pump supports the driveshaft. The idler shaft is supported in bore of separator plate. No needle bearings are used.

Oil Pan

Custom special road race oil pan with 4 pickups, piston cylinder wall oilers, made by RYR.


Peterson heated aluminum dry sump oil tank


Pro-Series Race Distributors

These distributors are so accurate, so totally reliable, they?re the No. 1 choice of many Nextel Cup?, Busch Series?, and Craftsman Truck Series? teams! Dual optical triggers, billet aluminum housing, stainless steel photo-chemical etched trigger disc, individual cylinder timing capability, and they need no costly ?blueprinting?! Just drop in and run


Scott Wire, it's what NASCAR Runs!

Part #FH426-SB - Small Block Ford Routed Over Valve Cover

High Temp Silicone Spark Plug Boots, Cylinder Numbers in Shrink Sleeves, Stainless Steel Spark Plug Terminals, Wire Wound Suppression Core, Insulating Heat Sleeving,8mm Silicone Jacket, Factory Terminated.

Bosch radial fire racing spark plugs

Fuel Pump
CV Products high pressure/ high flow nickel plated billet fule pump. Contains unique valving that allows it to flow up to 1200lbs. per hour at eight PSI.

Fuel Lines
Aeroquip stainless lines

Nascar legal 4 barrel carb, custom tuned .

Tilton bellhousing with Tilton 3 disc clutch, hydrolic throw out bearing and light weight fly wheel

Gasket and Seals
Fel-pro Racing gaskets and seals

MSD Alternator

The performance of your race car’s ignition relies on the charging system. Since these systems go hand-in-hand, it was only time before MSD designed and offered a high output alternator. Our new line of Advanced Power System™ Alternators will be available just in time for the 2004 racing and cruising season!
Don’t let the billet housing fool you as there’s much more beneath this great looking housing. MSD engineers have spent thousands of hours testing different internal components, materials and windings. A special rectifier with 50 amp diodes improves control and reliability while a new surface mount regulator isolates and protects from high voltage spikes. Even the bearings were hand picked to withstand heavy axial loads and high rpm.
Not only does the precision machined housing provide cool looks and great strength, but it also delivers a new universal mounting design called Slide-Loc. This technology allows one unit to be mounted to a variety of engines by selecting a bracket kit. (For speedshops, this feature means that you only need to stock one alternator!) The bracket installation kits are available separately for a growing number of different applications.
Two models will be available in three outputs; a 105 amp, 130 amp and 160 amp version in either a direct plug-in installation or a one wire model.

Radiator: 4 core aluminum radiator with oil heat exchanger.


Wilwood clutch and break pedal with cnc triple master cylinders. Areoquip Teflon lined all braided steel lines.

Billet Aluminum racing gas pedal.

Foot Boxes & Firewall

Insulated carbon fiber foot box and firewall.


Hand crafted New Zealand wool, the highest quality carpet made.



Auto-Meter Ultra light carbon fiber racing gauges…includes

10,000 RPM Tach with digital mileage read out

160 MPH Speedometer

Oil temperature

Oil pressure

Water Temperature

Fuel Gauge

Volt Meter

Dual front rear break bias gauge


Custom carbon fiber dash with aluminum accents


Blue LED toggle switches and start button

Break bias adjuster

Billet aluminum light switch


Hand laid fiber glass, exact replica of 427 body.


Custom, hand made stainless Try-Y headers with stainless side piper with or without mufflers.

All Lines are Stainless braided Areoquip.


Winning bidder will have his or her choice of any two color combinations, including real carbon fiber racing stripes. Show quality paint job as well as choice of graphics or number.

Choice of three roll bars: Original single hoop brace as pictured, dual double hump, or SCCA race regulation roll bar.

Custom fabricated aluminum racing seat built to customers size and specifications.


2 Year unlimited mileage bumper to bumper warranty on parts and labor.


Out of country delivery will be calculated at buyer request.

Please Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

Please Note the Cobra in the gallery picture is an example of how Your cobra Could look, if so desired.

To Contact Us 24 hours a day call 828-467-4467 or email at if you have any questions. Call us to place an order for your custom car today, and have it delivered in a timely manner.
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What kind of seats are those?


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