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Default Engine Management System / Traction control

Since I had the pleasure to enjoy a ride on a fairly powerful Cobra, being equipped with a traction control unit which has proven being functional in real life I am now seeking a possibility to combine this system into the set-up of my car.

For anyone interested in traction control: This is a system you should really have a look at!

The car I had the chance to "feel" the advantages resulting out of the usuage of the Racelogic ( ) traction control had a stroked LS-2 engine installed and traction control unit was compatible to the EMS/ECU of the Chevy.

Having a FE 482 unit on my car with carburetted fuel supply I am now seeking an EMS / ECU which I can combine with a fuel injection.

Criteria the EMS/ECU will need to fullfill are:
- standard saturated injection signal
- 4 ohms or more
- no misfire detection
- puls width modulation is not acceptable

Unfortunately it appears as if most of the ECU/EMS supplied nowadays are not matching the above.

On top of this I would love to have a system installed that is self learning up to a certain extend - Mass-Flo would have been an option but unfortunately they appear to use PWM. Same most likely apllies to the Powerjection III too.

Would be great in case any of you had an idea if there are any alternatives out there which might be worth while to have a look at.

Of course also alternative traction controls are an option for me as Žong as they control the speed of each wheel individually. So far I can not imagine that I would opt for a version that controls the drive shaft. But in case I need to be corrected on this judgement: Please do so........

Thanks for your related support in advance

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