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Default brakes

Thanks for the responses. I have a vacuum pump. I tried the gravity type, let it set overnight and not one drop of fluid. It will not pull the fluid to the calipers. I disconnected all lines and made sure I don't have a blockage, all ok. One thing I noticed. I did the bench bleed in the car and did not have fluid coming from the front port, only the rear. I then hooked the lines back to the rear port and cycled the master again and then had fluid coming from the front port. After all lines are reconnected, I get no flow of fluid to the calipers. I'm going to the junk yard today and look at a escort (that's what the systems comes from) and see how the lines hook up. It has 4 ports on the master. I have attached a photo of a system just like mine. Thanks for your help. Still trying, not going to let it win. My wife says think positive. She is great, her left leg is going to be like a linebackers leg when I fix this thing.

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