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Originally Posted by wakeen19 View Post
I am installing the strut arms and I can only get 1 bolt hole to line up. Do I need to compress the springs so the holes line up. They are for a 74-78 mustang II suspension. I searched and someone said I need a pinto strut arm which is slightly different. Is there any way to make these work or do I need to buy the pinto ones. Of course I already drilled the holes so I can't return them.
they don't line up angularly? or you can't get the arm low enough to start the bolts?

i just replaced my strut arm bushings and you do have to wrestle with them a little. don't tighten up the back nut until you have the two started and seated into the control arm. what i don't get is..."you drilled the holes"? in the control arm? the holes are kind of critical in location and size.
the bolts have a spline on them like wheel studs that presses in to the control arm.
if you need pinto arms though, i have a used set for cheap if you need them. the pinto arm end is angled harder at the control arm.
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