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Originally Posted by Cobradad View Post
Hi All. Been hanging around the site for a while, finally jumped in and bought Bill S.'s car right before Christmas 2010. You guys know these cars far better than I ever will, so here goes. Drove into work today, 31 miles. Turns signals quit on me and so did the cooling fan. Coincidence? Don't usually believe in that. Any usual suspects here? Thanks.

Going to ramble a bit as I am short on sleep the last few days but not short on caffeine intake......Simplest thing I can think of, and I have to ask, did you check for a blown fuse? I never really had any electrical problems other than a blown headlight or tailight bulb. Did you change out the old radiator and fan for the new aluminum radiator and fan assembly,if so could you have a loose connection? Also, inside the fan box were two brand new (I assume stainless steel) fuse blocks I had planned to swap out for the old (I believe brass) ones (saw them on my friend Marc's new FIA early last year). If you have a humid garage perhaps the old fuse blocks have some minor corrosion, pull each fuse and clean the ends of them, then reinstall. If you want me to, I can swing down one weekend and assist however I can in troubleshooting.....Just let me know

Edit: before being sold (actually several months before) the car received a shiny new alternator and voltage regulator, so I doubt those are the culprit, but you never know.


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