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I wouldn't think there is an issue of strength in the lower dog bone, but the weaker point being the inner pivot bracket and bolts. I'm not sure how much strength the original trailing arm actually contributes, as the original Jag forward mount is a large and very compliant rubber bush. I rekon it's only there to stop you loosing the the dog bone and your wheel when it gets ripped off by a QLD pot hole. A bit like a leg rope
I have a G-Force and it is like Slowy's - it essentially turns the dog bone into a wishbone, putting it in compression under acceleration, but as you can see on Zden's chassis it is not possible to do this as a chassis member is obsucting it.
The single shock set up on the red chassis is mounted forward of the arm, and i have been considering going that way with mine.
I really like the adjustable shock mounts on the RCM. I mighty try and retrofit to mine. My spring rates are just right but they are set at the lowest height on the spring seats and it is still to high in the rear.
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