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Sorry to say, but I did not install the HID conversion when it was done a few years back, and my knowledge of how it was wired up is a bit fuzzy.

I am sure that the wire gauge is fine, as it worked for over a year. Then all of a sudden, the lows started going off an on every few minutes, and now then go on for a second and then immediately off.

I would like to start with the easy stuff, like the fuse. I know how to open the fusebox and I found the lows sticker, but I cannot actually find the fuse to remove and replace it. Can anyone tell me how to remove the fuse from the fuse block? If that does not solve it, then I think I would need to check the ground next.

Also I do not know if the headlights are connected directly to the battery, but they do not work when I turn off the kill switch, so I guess that means that it is not connected directly to the battery.

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