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No, I don't watch a lot of TV of any kind. I would like to but I just never have the time. Seems like I always have a project that takes me to the shop.

The word play does make me laugh a little!

Again, I appreciate you comments about the SLC engineering, it is going to be fun running laps around the track.

The great thing about what Clois has put together is that it gives us an opportunity to drive our cars fast or as fast as you want in a controlled environment. You never have to worry about someone in a beat up street racer bumping into you on the track. Everyone there is has a nice car and doesn't want to scratch the paint. You can drive as fast or as slow as you like. It's just fun to play on the track and learn what your car is capable of. It will make you a much better driver just knowing what your limits are. If you have any questions about the event or if your still on the fence, give me or Clois a call.

Hope to see you there.
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