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Originally Posted by michel schryer View Post
I can't post any pictures on this site,I tried and you wouldn't see the screw up anyway,you have to be in the sunlight to see it. It's not as bad as it sounds but you can see it if you have attention for details.
Don is hard to get a hold of sometimes but he's always been there after all when I had problems,othrwise this built would have been very frustrating,you have to be very very patient with him which I ran out at times but he won't let you down. My car looks very good and the build went well despite the fact that it was my first kit car (and last). I was appraised at $65,000 after spending $50,000,amazing how fast it went,couldn't beleive it,I could have got my retirement Porsche with that but you don't get as much attention even driving a Porsche but the Cobra,it's constent thumbs up !!!

MichelQUOTE=Joey.S;1201331]Do you have any pictures of the car?
Thanks for the reply, I'm glad you are very happy with the car and i'm sure I will be one day. Don does build a great car I like it much better then the factory 5. I just wish he is easier to get of hold of. Is there anyway you could pm your number so i could call you and talk about the cobra? Of course if you don't mind.

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