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Originally Posted by ram_g View Post
Terrific! I'm right behind ya!
By the way, why do you have an inspection sticker any way? Doesn't SEMA process == no (annual) inspection needed?
(My guess is that you've posted all about this somewhere and I just haven't read about it yet...)
For $12.50 cheap insurance not to get pulled over, in some towns they really don't care and write you a ticket anyway "Sir, you can fight that in court"

About 10 years ago in Plano Tx, I got a ticket ones, $120, for not displaying the inspection sticker on a motorcycle. The sticker was there, just mounted sideways on a side mounted licenses plate. The cop did not care and wrote me a ticket anyway. I'm not responsibility for the high debt of the City of Plano so I went to court a few weeks later. 5 min into the proceeding, the case was dismissed.
My motion to reimburse me for the half day off work, was denied.

Now you know why I have that sticker...
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