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Default Finally attempting to tackle that leaky rear

From the symptoms I was having, red fluid from the pinion on back. I was assuming rear pinion seal. Hate to take it off the road this time of year, but enough is enough. I have been driving it like this for two years with a pig tie wrapped around the center section. just intermittently topping it off.
I got all of the interior out so far. There is so much more accessibility with no seats, tunnel, and access panel. I could and should do a bunch of other jobs while I'm at it. I also now am suspicious of a leaky Tranny output shaft seal. My drive-shaft itself is dry, but the u joints on both ends are wet. The rear brake pads look very thick and evenly worn. I am thinking they must be oil soaked even though the rotors seem dry.
Here are the obvious jobs to consider:
-Rear brake pads (not sure what type to replace them with).
-Any under dash work including looking at all the wiring.
-New oil temp gauge,this one never worked.
-Tighten all the gauges up, maybe a push-button start.
-MSD 6AL box/ Pos and Neg wires need to go directly to the battery so I have heard.
-Check battery cables for chafing along frame
-Anti submarine crotch belts
-Shim the front of the seats.
- I need to move all the pedals closer to the driver so I can put the seat back more, I am sick of short arming the shifter. However, I am of afraid of doing that now because my time is limited and I might never get the car back together!
Any other ideas, suggestions or helpful advice would be more than welcome!

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