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Default couple of thoughts

davids2toys Dave In 15 years my oil temp gauge has bearly worked in the oil pan. I think there needs to be another location. Some of the off readings has to due with the 13 quarts of oil in the system and even after 15 minutes of abuse, I am lucky to see 140F temp instead of 180-200.
Gauges, DON'T tighten them again. If you have an AMP gauge, check the plastic sleeves for burnt out cracking. You also may want to look into a Volt Gauge instead. It's an easy swap and no more fear of burning up the wiring harness. This repair applies if you have a 70 amp alt or higher output. I think a 60 will not burn out the sleeves ( insolators).
If you are just normal driving with a little fun, stay with the stock Jag brake pads. Just rough up the surface with 80 grit sand paper. Do this is a circle motion. When done bleed the brakes to remove any air.
MSD box, If your battery cable goes from the battery directly to starter soleniod on fire wall, Mounting there for power is fine. Ground goes directly to frame. Clean of a small area of paint and mount there. Add Dye electric grease to cover connection. This stops rust.
battery POS cable, I mounted an insolator clamp every 12" to keep and movement of the cable and rubbing of cable cover. Both ends should be clean for good connections.
Shimming the seats, If you are moving the seats and changing locations from the orginial mount holes, either buy small steel plates or large fender washers and double them when remounting the seat frame bolts to the floor of the car. Bigger is better for handling the load of the seat and spreads out the weight to not rip out the bolts if an accident happens.
Crotch belt, The jury is still out on this. If the 4 main belts are setup right with the correct angle and are tight, normal driving I see no reason to use this one, IMO. Yes I use this one on the track.
I don't know what trans you have in the car but some of them have multi locations for the shifter in the car or use a different shifting handle to move it forward in the car without cutting up the tunnel or carpet.
If you really want to get crazy, add some insolation to the under side of the tunnel to help keep down temp in the car. Need the silver glue back and I added thin aluminum strips and rivets to keep them in place on the top and bottom.
That's about it, good luck with the fun. Total job time 3 days with a day for the RTV to dry completely. Rick L.
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