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Got back to it. Pads came out very easily, 2 pins, pull them out, done. To my shock, the pads looked perfect, not oil soaked at all!They appear to be semi metallic, just guessing by the look. They are not glazed at all. The rotors were also dry (miracle that I don't understand because everything around it wet and disgusting) and no ridges at all. However they do appear to be very shiny, so that may be the glazing I have been hearing about. I wonder if I can just start the car in gear and while the rotors are spinning hold some scotchbrite or sandpaper to them to roughen them up. Any thoughts?
Hopefully get to the pinion seal over the next couple of days.
Here is the bad thing I think that I found. While I was looking over the rotors from the bottom of the car. I could not help but notice how crappy of a safety wire job had been done on the sub-frame, very loose and sloppy (not an ERA built car). I work on aircraft so I am used to looking and doing much nicer work. Anyway, I notice how loose the wire was and when I touch the bolt heads they turned extremely easy with one finger. So I checked the pass side, same thing!!! It is only the rear bolt on both sides. Is there any chance these are supposed to be loose? Please tell me yes!
I would like to replace the rubber brake hose with a steel braided hose. Has anybody done this and maybe have a part number that will work?
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