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Originally Posted by RodKnock View Post
You do understand the difference right?

Today the buyer buys an incomplete car from Shelby or SPF. The buyer completes the car. In the 1960's, they weren't sold as kits (component, same thing). They were sold as legal driveable cars right from the dealer's lot with engine, trans, clutch and an alignment already done. You got a warranty and the car registration was handled by the selling dealer.

I had to register my Kirkham. I had to go to the CHP and BAR. I had to hire a shop to do the install and sorting. My Kirkham requires a special exemption so that my Cobra passes an emissions test, which I would otherwise miserably fail. My Kirkham did not meet modern federal safety standards at time of sale.
Yeah, I understand the difference. But I'm simply talking about how these cars came to be. Shelby bought rollers and stuffed engines into them. Much the way most of our cars came to be. So in a sense, all of these cars, including the originals, are "kit" cars...or whatever term makes us sleep better at night. :-)
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