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This does sound sorta hot. Aircraft recips are regulated to 200F but those are different animals.

So I had to read up.

(100c) or 212F is the magic number from what most articles I read said oil should run at.
Probably why a lot of manufacturers use the radiator as a heat exchanger/oil cooler. Danger in that is when it leaks, water gets in your oil...(Happened on a Nissan I owned)

The top 3 (seems like they know what they're doing...)
What Is The Optimum Engine Oil Temperature? - Hot Rod Network

The only thing I found which disagreed somewhat.

And Earls plumbing

The Earls part opens at 180F vs 215F as on the Canton part.
I might spring for the Earls unit as I'm changing out all my hoses anyways.

BTW Dan there is a recall on 15-17 GT350 for suspect oil lines, this is probably old news to you or may not apply.
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